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enhanced ecologically based natural style planting 


  • Matching plants to the conditions of the site, increasing the long-term success of the planting as a sustainable community. By combining plants from different geographic locations but similar habitats and in in turn similar growth requirements, (light, soil  and climatic conditions), the number of species poorly matched to the site is reduced and increases the  long-term success of the planting.

  • Designing diverse and dense planting combinations which favour  wildlife diversity, density and interaction contributes to the natural food chain and maximises the self regulation and longevity (sustainability) of the planting display.

  • Enhanced diverse and dense succession plantings delivering greater visual impact which look good for as long a period throughout the year as possible.

  • A lighter hand on the created habitat with a greater tolerance of imperfection. Reducing work and time required on mundane chores such as weeding and staking, saving on unnecessary, costly and often wildlife unfriendly products such as fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides and more time to enjoy the succession planting.

  • On a larger scale we must consider global warming/climate change. The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) states temperatures are rising much faster than at any other time on record and models show that by the end of the century, temperatures will rise by 3-5°C. Even with the efforts of many countries to drastically cut Carbon emissions it will take much longer to bring them back down. Higher temperatures will lead to flooding, storms, heatwaves, freshwater shortages etc being increasingly common. This will effect where and which plants can be grown and their associated wildlife.‚Äč


Based in Angus, ecologist, gardener and plantsman John Gordon offers a specialist bespoke garden planting consultancy which mainly covers the Dundee, Perth and Fife areas, although  planting projects have been undertaken further afield. The service includes gardening advice, planting plans, written reports, maintenance and development guidelines, ground preparation, supply and planting of plants into  beautiful stunning displays.

Whether renovating an entire garden, rejuvenating an existing herbaceous or mixed border to creating newly planted beds, experienced advice and expert planting will help you realise your beautiful and private dream garden paradise both visually and emotionally. The planting approach focuses on an enhanced natural style guided by natural habitats benefiting local wildlife, the environment and user. It can be exciting, dramatic and vibrant or a softer more relaxed cottage style planting or a cool  and tranquil woodland style  perfect for  calm and quiet contemplation.

Ongoing aftercare visits, further planting and guidance to help you maintain and develop your personal sanctuary are also available. Contact John direct on 07988 010 418

John's garden featured in Scotland on Sunday



John  Gordon trained and qualified at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. He also holds a 2:1 honours degree in Ecological  and Environmental Science and with over 30 years’ experience presently works for clients in Angus, Aberdeen, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Edinburgh, Perth and St Andrews. He welcomes enquiries from anyone with garden planting and development projects in mind. 

John can be contacted direct on 07988 010 418 for a chat.






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